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At Technetix we develop high-end Fiber and Coax products and often have to play into the sudden demands for high-tech solutions that facilitate data transfer of the Internet, On Demand TV, Netflix, Games, and more. Our products consist of Amplifiers, Splitters, Tabs, Filters, Cables, etc. that together form the infrastructure that transports digital media between the operator and your modem at home. Our products are used all over the world. In Denver, USA, the whole overhead cable infrastructure is made out of Technetix products. People living in Nairobi have high quality internet, provided by our amplifiers. In Amsterdam, most living rooms have a high speed internet connection via our data overlay technology. Technetix is the market leader in creating solutions for optimal performance of broadband and optical cable networks. This is why our customers like, Vodafone-Ziggo, Virgin Media, Cox, Charter, Comcast, NBN, and Liberty Global are using our solutions and products.

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Technetix Announces Successful Field Trial on Liberty Global Network

ALBOURNE, UK – Sept 20th, 2022 _ Technetix Group Ltd (Albourne, UK), the leading global broadband technology provider, has recently completed a successful trial of its award-winning Direction Neutral Network (DNN) access amplifier solution with Liberty Global. The system enables Liberty to install an access network which can upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1/high-split 204 MHz services now, while being able to evolve to DOCSIS 4.0 ultra high-split 492 MHz services at a later stage remotely without revisiting the plant. The future-proof solution transports overlapping downstream and upstream signals, without the need for diplex filters or echo cancellation.

DNN enables increased capacity on both DOCSIS 3.1 or DOCSIS 4.0 in the future as the network can be operated with a zero-guard band between upstream and downstream. The One Touch ecosystem will also allow maintenance of legacy set top box out-of-band carriers throughout future spectrum upgrades. This DOCSIS 4.0 ready network brings additional revenue, while using the existing cables, connectors and powering system, which makes it a very attractive investment and competitive alternative to fiber.

Colin Büchner, Chief Network Officer of Liberty Global, said, “The great thing about DNN One Touch amplifiers is that they will drop into existing amplifier locations without using additional power and no digging. This gives us the flexibility to address future network expansion needs without having to touch the network.”

Paul Broadhurst, CEO Technetix Group, said “By deploying the Technetix DNN, Liberty can make its network DOCSIS 4.0 ready without further adjustment of the RF network.”

About Technetix:
Technetix provides breakthrough solutions for your broadband network evolution. We work closely with our customers, listening to their needs and then innovating and delivering technologically advanced products and solutions that enable flexible, powerful networks, increase revenue and market share and providing a better overall service experience. With cutting-edge solutions including Distributed Gain Architecture, the DBT Gamechanger, the DBx Open Access Platform, Virtual Segmentation, Remote Optical Line Terminal (rOLT) and XGT taps, Technetix is a partner that broadband operators can count on to achieve their most ambitious goals. Technetix works with leading broadband operators in 70 countries.

The Direction Neutral Network was awarded a 4.5 Diamond Technology Review awards by Broadband Technology Report in the recent 2022 awards. Press release

Technetix Group Ltd acquired Lindsay Broadband Inc on September 2nd 2022. Press release

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Paul Broadhurst, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Maria Tyrrell, Group Marketing Director
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Technetix’ One Touch amplifiers:


A double win again for Technetix in the 2022 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews

9th September 2022, Albourne, United Kingdom - Technetix is proud to have been recognized as among the best in the industry for the third year running in the 2022 Broadband Technology Report's Diamond Technology Reviews. The 1.8 GHz Direction Neutral Network technology has been awarded 4.5 diamonds in the active network hardware category and the 1.8 GHz Direction Neutral Splitter Zero Loss, has been awarded a 4.0 diamond award in the same category.

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Technetix Group Acquires Lindsay Broadband

Technetix Group Acquires Lindsay Broadband 

Accelerating Technetix’ presence in the Americas market and adding presence in broadband wireless gateways and network power

 ALBOURNE, UK – Sept 6th 2022 _ Technetix Group Ltd (Albourne, UK), the leading global broadband technology provider, today announced completion of the purchase of Lindsay Broadband Inc. (Peterborough ON, Canada).

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Senior Development Engineer - Ahrensburg, Germany

Senior Development Engineer

Ahrensburg, Germany

 Role overview:

The Senior Development Engineer ensures that products for outsourced development are comply with documented specifications as well as international and safety standards; BS, EN, ISO, IEC, DIN, ANSI, FCC, UL etc.

Manage development stages of new products and communicate with suppliers in Asia, Europe and Technetix international staff with relation to development and manufacturing concerns.

Perform product-specific parameter tests for radio frequency (RF)-, optical- & mechanical tests in the German laboratory to verify the compliance.

The employee will be a member of the Technetix Outsourcing Team Germany and will communicate on a regular basis with project- and product management, sales & supplier representatives.

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