Virtual Segmentation, the virtual fibre solution from Technetix can extend your network to achieve 10 Gbps enabling you to provide high speed connections to businesses using coax.

  • High speed
  • Low latency 
  • Quick installation
  • Symmetrical
  • Up to 10 Gbps
  • No change to network

A legacy HFC network uses network capacity in a limited way, it will use 862 MHz, 1006 MHz and sometimes up to 1218 MHz.

With DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 you can offer your residential customers the required level of service but business customers have very different requirements.

What do business customers need?

Speed – high speed. A business customer will need a symmetrical connection providing an outstanding quality of service and a very high level of security. Can we use DOCSIS to achieve this? It will use a lot of the capacity of our standard business customers. Fibre is the obvious alternative but it takes a long time to build fibre connections, there are often delays while waiting for the civic permits necessary, as well as the greater cost of digging cable into the ground. The Virtual Segmentation solution can be connected in just a few days.


What is Virtual Segmentation?

Virtual Segmentation is an RF overlay which can be deployed in any HFC network. Coax cables are used up to 1218 MHz but is also available now up to 4000 MHz, offering almost 2800 MHz of bandwidth free of charge.

Virtual Segmentation simulates a fibre connection in the frequency range above 1218 MHz.

A transparent 10 Gbps Ethernet pipe is made for various services and business customers can be connected easily and offered a symmetrical 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps connection.


Virtual fibre can be installed by placing a transmitter at the beginning of the cable and a receiver at the end, diplex filters will then insert and extract the high frequency signals. A repeater is available for long cable sections and by using a switch, a 10 Gbps Ethernet network can be built next to the HFC network. The legacy network is fully available for all standard customers and services.

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